Is Vero the social media sharing app you’ve been looking for?

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Have you heard of this new app called Vero?
Maybe I should ask this first:
-Remember Peach?
-Remember Ello?
Of course you don’t. These apps came out with intentions of being the Facebook killer app, and they don’t exist today. Well, Ello is still around as a hangout app for artists.

The New Kid On The Social Media Block

Vero is now ranked the number one free app in Google Play, and ranks eight in the iOS App store. It has grown from less than one million registered users to 3 million users over the past several days.
I noticed it because some of my friends on my Instagram feed were creating posts for me to follow them on Vero. Vero is different because it doesn’t have an algorithm for the feed. Posts from your friends will show in chronological order. Vero is free for now, but will become subscription-based soon. To sign up you must provide your name email address and mobile phone number. Zero states on its website, “we created a social network that lets you be yourself. Hence the name Vero meeting truth.”

Meet The Founder of Vero App

Vero launched in 2015 by Ayman Hariri, the previous owner of a Lebanese construction company. Hariri decided to create this app for privacy and sharing with friends. The algorithm changes on Instagram also drove them to create this app
But recent investigation into the founder’s past business dealings has new users thinking twice about signing up for this app. His company also used a team of Russian developers to build Vero.

Anything that is Russia-related is getting a lot of negative press lately. This information has made me rethink using the app. Many people have raised questions about the intentions of the billionaire founder. Why does he want to build a social network and what does he want?

The Problem With Being A Popular App

Lots of problems for Vero. Stories stating that Vero paid people to sign up for new accounts. This is the reason why the app is in the top rankings in the app store.
Users are complaining that they cannot complete the sign-up process because so many people are signing up.
So, this new app has gotten the attention they wanted, but they don’t have the infrastructure to support the new user sign-ups. Problems that lead to user dissatisfaction and negative reviews for the app.
Users have reported on Twitter that they cannot delete their account once they set it up. They have to put in a request to have their account deleted.
User dissatisfaction is leading to backlash for this app, and even a boycott. The #deleteVero hashtag is gaining momentum on Twitter.
Not a good look, Vero.

The Social Media Takeaway

Between the problems with completion of user accounts, and the controversy with the background of the founders, Vero is a No Go. Vero cannot support or sustain the popularity of the app right now.
Vero is free, but far from problematic. And there is always a price to pay for free.

Your Thoughts?

Will you install Vero after reading more about the new app?
Do you think it will have staying power, like Instagram?
Our time: 9:02pm EDT