The First Social Media Meme of 2018?​

Social media memes can come from the most mundane places. They can also come from a really big event that the the whole world watched.
How about the last big event of 2017?
Everybody is talking about Steve Harvey’s choice of winter coat and hat on New Year’s Eve.
Picture it. NYE 2017 in Times Square. Forecasted to be one of the coldest celebrations on record for New York City.
What do you wear when you are a TV personality/comedian and you’re booked to host a NYE broadcast on a major channel?
Steve decided to wear a winter white hat and coat to complement his all black suit underneath. Why? Because it was nine degrees, with a wind chill at five below zero when the ball dropped in Times Square.
Steve Harvey White Coat Hat First social media Meme 2018


I mean, he could have made a different outwear choice and still kept warm in the frigid temps. Why did he choose white? A color that would definitely stand out on TV….wait a minute.
Steve WANTED to stand out. He wanted to be noticed. Why else wear winter white on TV?

Bring Attention To Your Brand

Steve is a comedian and talk show host. Ratings rule his world. He has to attract attention to his name and brand every chance he gets. Becoming a social media joke online is one way to get that attention.
What event is bigger than NYE in Times Square? Millions of people worldwide will watch live or see the news stories after the fact. This is more than enough attention for a celebrity or personality.
But not Steve Harvey.
He decided to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd. Everyone else will be wearing outwear with dark colors. Most cold weather coats and hats are darker colors. He knew this, and went the opposite with a light color to contrast the crowd.
Steve knew what he was doing. It wasn’t a fashion mistake.
Social media went crazy after they saw his winter gear. People immediately created memes online. Themes? He was a villain, several cartoon characters, a church lady, a marshmallow, and a snowman.

They laughed at him. The butt of all New Years Day jokes, online and off.
But who has the last laugh? Steve.

Getting The World To Notice Your Business

Everybody is talking about Steve Harvey’s outfit on New Year’s Eve. I mean everybody…worldwide. Steve is the first meme of 2018.
And the social media memes became a news story on many morning talk shows.
Mission accomplished.

The Takeaway

Attention. It’s all you need to get started to becoming memorable. It is the key that unlocks other doors. Doors like:
  • building an audience that can turn into your fans
  • Engaged fans that you build relationships to carry your brand message
  • Selling to your audience
I will spend time talking about the topic of attention this year. What you need to attract attention. How to turn it to your advantage. How to use it to reach your goal of having a successful business.
All of this is because a comedian who inadvertently became the first social media meme of 2018.
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