Net Neutrality After Party

Well, they did it. The F.C.C. ( Federal Communications Commission) has repealed the existing Net Neutrality ruling put into place by President Obama. The Internet as we know it today is dead.

What will we do after the end of Net Neutrality?

We now enter into what I call A.N.N. (After Net Neutrality), and I have no good feelings about this new era. Why? Because new limits will probably be put into place by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers – Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, etc.). There are some people who are saying that we are in panic mode for no reason. I say to them – there is reason to be apprehensive about the repeal.

ISP’s will be able to do what they want with their internet pipeline into our homes, and our mobile devices. Oh yes, they will make changes to your mobile access too. No customer will escape their wrath on our internet usage. They will change every corner of our internet world: shopping, games, email, social media, blogging, streaming services, cloud services, and business. They will direct and slow traffic at their will.

It will mean higher costs and fees for everyone.

Welcome to A.N.N.

After Net Neutrality

Yes, there are lawsuits in place and talk of appeals. But the ISPs are free to do what they want until Net Neutrality returns in some form (if at all 😱). The ISPs are corporations, and corporation like to make as much profits as possible. This is what they will do, no matter what soothing things they say to their customers today. Do not believe them. Corporations have shareholders, and shareholder like to see high returns on their investments.

The opponents to Net Neutrality say this will be a good thing. Less government regulations means more competition.

They say it will “preserve the vibrant and competitive free market that exists on the internet, unfettered by federal and state regulation.”

Yeah, right. 😒


The State of The Open Internet


We had a fair and open internet yesterday. Today, we suffer under corporations that want to suffocate the online entrepreneur. They want to suppress the small business owner and fence them from growth online. Higher costs means less profits for this group. Lower profits might lead to more “Closed” signs. It’s a possibility that could lead to reality.

We are at the beginning of a new era online. Say goodbye to the internet you love as consumer, and need as a business owner.

Goodbye to the buffet, and hello to the pay-per-plate dinner.

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