How to get over your fear of doing live video


I recently did a live video to talk about ways most people can get over their fear of live streaming video.
Business owners must create live video now, because it is now the best way to grow their businesses online. Live video is a great option to reach and grow an audience of engaged followers online. This group of people will most likely become “superfans” who will get to know you better and connect with your product or services online.

Learn more by watching the video below:



You can also read the transcript of the video below:

“So, I’m going to get right into it…how to get over the fear of live streaming. Now, I know some of you may find that hard to believe, especially if some of you have been using live streaming apps for the past year. We started out with Meerkat, Periscope, and moved on to Blab, Firetalk, Crowdcast, Huzzah. The live streaming arena is getting so crowded with all of the choices in live streaming apps and platforms. We even have a new one, Bluejeans, that everyone is now trying out and using to create live video shows.

But would you believe there are some people…a lot of people who do not feel comfortable live streaming? You would wonder ‘What! Why is that?’ I’m going to tell you why.

We as online entrepreneurs are used to doing live streaming. We are at the forefront of trying out new tools, especially if those tools will connect us to a new audience.”

Our time: 6:56pm EDT