Facebook Organic Marketing Is No More

Facebook organic marketing is dead.
Let me clarify.
LAZY Facebook organic marketing is dead.
It is time to realize that you have to put in the work of connecting with your audience. No more “set it and forget it” marketing on Facebook.

 Facebook organic marketing reach is dead


Leaving Your Facebook Marketing Comfort Zone

If you put all your eggs in the Facebook organic marketing basket then you got a serious wake-up call.
You now have to face the cold, hard facts. You subscribed to and followed the wrong marketing strategy.
Business owners who have created the right marketing strategy are not in panic mode.
No, the sky is not falling.
Facebook is doing a course correction. Something you should have done yourself.
As a business owner you should know that you cannot depend on one thing to sustain your business. You need several marketing baskets to hold your digital marketing eggs.
Prepare your business for issues like this one.
Don’t let choices by others destroy your marketing strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy Is Not Social Media

I want you to repeat:
Facebook is not your business.
Twitter is not your business.
Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin and whatever social media platform you use is not your business.
You are your business.
You make the decisions that drive your business. If you need to pivot, you will do that. The smart business owner knows that they need to use different social media platforms to build their brand. They also know that they need to use different digital marketing tools to reach their audience and create customers.
Smart business owners need to create the right marketing strategy for their business. Your marketing strategy is your lifeline to your customers. This strategy is the anchor, the mooring and the hook that keeps your business afloat.
The only people that are in panic mode are those who did not realize this fact.

The Next Steps In Digital Marketing

I hope that you not one of those people who did not pay attention.
I hope you have listened to me talk about marketing strategy every Tuesday for the past 17 months. Watched my live videos about your business and how important it is to have a strategy.
It’s not too late. You can still work on your strategy.
Go and watch all my replays at terryjohnson.live right now.
Get to work on improving and building your strategy to make your business success online. Go watch the videos. Come back to this site and keep reading and listening to my marketing strategy advice.
Follow me and I’ll lead the way to the right marketing plan to grow your business.


The Marketing Strategy Answer

Also, remember what i’m about to say next. This is important for you to know.
I’m here to help if you have any questions.
Please reach out to me to talk about marketing strategy for your business. DM me, message me, email me, and I will help you.
You can click the Messenger icon at the bottom right of this page and talk to me now.
Another place to get help is our digital marketing community on Facebook. Jump on over to our Attention Necessary group and join the conversation there. We talk about ways to get attention online and build your audience to grow your business online.
Stop worrying.
You will be okay.
I’ve got you.


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