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Don’t Follow The Rules!

Instagram Algorithm changes for 2019

Everybody is concerned about this one element that can wreck your plans for growth in your favorite app. Don’t let this one thing rule your business or brand strategy online.

What is it? Come and be a part of the discussion to find out the latest news and info that could affect your online strategy.

Join us on Tuesday at 11:00am ET and let’s talk about what you can do to stay ahead of the rules put in place by some social media platforms.

Bring your thoughts, opinions, questions and answers to the discussion…we want to know what you think too!


Plan Ahead!

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Digital Marketing Strategy Talk – Rewind​

Watch last week’s strategy talk:

There is a new data study about marketing insights and practices within the marketing industry. Let's talk about the results and how it can affect your use of social media platforms. This information can help you refine your marketing strategy and keep up-to-date with marketing trends. Staying current with marketing data can help you decide what works for your business. Watch this replay of digital marketing strategy talk where we discuss this data. Add your curiosity and your questions - there is a lot of information to wade through!