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This Week’s Marketing Chat Topic:

Find and Connect With Your Ideal Audience

Do you know where your audience is spending time online? What social media platform are they on?

Where are they hanging out?

Don’t know the answers? Well, you’ve got some work to do. Time to do some digging for information that can help you gain insight.

Let’s talk about getting to know your audience better. When you know the details about your audience, you can locate them. Find them and create engaging content that clicks.

Join us on Tuesday at 11:30 am ET for this week’s marketing chat.
We’ll discuss best practices for creating the right digital marketing strategy for your business.


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Digital Marketing Chat - Rewind

Did you miss our live from last week?

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The Path of Trust

Did you know that you also have a relationship with your audience? One that you take time to cultivate?
Let’s talk about the path you take to connect with your audience online. How do you get them to engage with your content? Can you make a lasting impression with them?
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