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This week’s topic is: “Is Your Content Valuable?” 

This Week’s Marketing Chat Topic:

Is Your Content Valuable?

Content is everywhere, but how do you get your audience to pay attention?
Let’s talk about stopping the scroll online. How do you catch their eye with your content on your feed? Is your message right for your audience?
Join us on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at 11:30 am ET for this week’s marketing chat.
We’ll discuss this marketing topic and answer your questions.
You’ll get the information you need to help you create a successful digital marketing strategy.
What do you need to do to participate in the chat?
► Join us Tuesday at 11:30 am ET and watch the video below:
► Bring your thoughts, opinions, and questions to the discussion. Let’s learn and apply this information to our online strategy.
► Share, so other people can join us and get the information they need to build their business or brand online.

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Digital Marketing Chat - The Rewind

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Collecting Online Information That Matters

Why is listening so important online? What should you do with this information?

You need to know what conversations are happening online.

Why? You can use this information to create the right content that connects online.

What tools should you use to find out what your audience is thinking?

Our time: 12:56pm EDT