Is Vero the Hero?

Is Vero the social media sharing app you’ve been looking for? Have you heard of this new app called Vero? Maybe I should ask this first: -Remember Peach? -Remember Ello? Of course you don’t. These apps came out with intentions of being the Facebook killer app, and they don’t exist today. Well, Ello is still around …

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Marketing Conferences – Social Media Marketing World 2018 Day One

Social Media Marketing World – Day One Marketing conferences – Do you know about them? Have you signed up and attended a social media marketing conference? Social Media Marketing World 2108 just kicked off on February 28, 2018 in San Diego, California. This annual marketing conference is created by Social Media Examiner.  This site is …

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Facebook Organic Reach Is Dead

Facebook Organic Marketing Is No More Facebook organic marketing is dead.  Let me clarify.  LAZY Facebook organic marketing is dead.  Finally.  It is time to realize that you have to put in the work of connecting with your audience. No more “set it and forget it” marketing on Facebook.   Leaving Your Facebook Marketing Comfort …

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Steve Harvey Outfit first meme joke 2018

The First Social Media Meme of 2018

The First Social Media Meme of 2018?​ Social media memes can come from the most mundane places. They can also come from a really big event that the the whole world watched. How about the last big event of 2017? Everybody is talking about Steve Harvey’s choice of winter coat and hat on New Year’s Eve. Picture it. …

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the end of Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality: The After Party

Net Neutrality After Party Well, they did it. The F.C.C. ( Federal Communications Commission) has repealed the existing Net Neutrality ruling put into place by President Obama. The Internet as we know it today is dead. We now enter into what I call A.N.N. (After Net Neutrality), and I have no good feelings about this …

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