Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson

A Royal Story That Matters

Royal Wedding was a message of storytelling that can be applied to business and branding

The Story Of A Wedding The Royal Wedding was more than a love story. Why is such a big deal about a wedding? This bride and groom – different from most couples getting married on a Saturday afternoon. The Special…

Is Vero the Hero?

Is Vero the social media sharing app you’ve been looking for?   Have you heard of this new app called Vero? Maybe I should ask this first:-Remember Peach?-Remember Ello? Of course you don’t. These apps came out with intentions of being the Facebook killer…

Facebook Organic Reach Is Dead

Facebook Organic Marketing Is No More Facebook organic marketing is dead.  Let me clarify.  LAZY Facebook organic marketing is dead.  Finally.  It is time to realize that you have to put in the work of connecting with your audience. No…

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